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Athena Global is a strategic management consultancy and an international independent think-tank, applying space-based solutions to problems in relation to the environment, sustainable development, security, and disasters. Founded in early 2001 as a Canadian company, Athena Global quickly established a strong reputation in supporting emerging space sector companies by marshalling comprehensive, up-to-date market intelligence, and applying it to relevant market segments and projects. In 2012, Athena's investors created AG Europe SAS, a French company, which continues the work begun with Athena's original clients over 10 years earlier. 

Independent Business Intelligence

Athena offers services and products directly related to client interest areas, including country and sector reports or surveys, and market studies in relation to space technology and applications. Athena has developed significant expertise in conducting cost-benefit analysis for large and small projects.

For the public sector, these services underpin strategic planning initiatives, validate assumptions, ensure up-to-date intelligence on sectors of interest and potential partners and support policy development.

For the private sector, these services sharpen your competitive edge, provide due diligence, enable market capture, and protect market position. 

Strategic Consulting



Athena offers management consulting services, particularly strategic planning advice and support and program development support for programs relating to our focus areas or to space infrastructure.

Whether your consulting needs are for a few hours, a few days or a few months, Athena Global can address your requirements. We offer both turn-key solutions and punctual support to integrated project teams.

Bridging Visions & Leaders

Space technologies and applications offer a wide range of opportunities in many different areas. User communities are often not aware of the potential synergies, savings and new operations enabled through satellites. 

Athena, working with experts from both space and non-space areas, aims at building bridges between the space sector and other communities. Our current areas of focus for untapped potential include the environment, international development and disaster management. 

Outreach activities delivered in turn-key format by Athena include workshops, conferences and promotional activities. Over the longer term, Athena provides bridge building and "organizational outreach", cross-sector needs analyses and development support for pilot projects.

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