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Oceans specialist

Howard Edel

Senior Associate, Oceans & Coastal Zones

Howard Edel joined Athena Global in 2003 as a senior associate. He has worked for over 30 years in the Canadian government, playing a leadership role in the adoption of space technologies by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Howard was the scientific authority to develop and evaluate the first imaging spectrometer sensor in Canada, the Fluorescence Line Imager (FLI). He also convened the initial Canadian imaging spectrometer advisory group which developed the multidisciplinary applications evaluation plan.

Howard brings extensive knowledge of the spectrometer data applications potential with contacts across the Canadian user spectrum. Howard represented Canada at the ESA/PBEO planning the sensors for the ENVISAT program where he supported the implementation of the MERIS sensor system based on the FLI design.

Howard’s experience at the Canadian Satellite ground stations both with Landsat and RADARSAT data reception and processing systems adds to the teams unique expertise in studying the opportunities to acquire imaging spectrometer data to meet Canadian user needs. Howard was the scientific authority on the recent Trends and Opportunities Study of Marine and Coastal Zone (Canada) applications and brings his many years of marine applications experience to the team. His experience includes developing processing systems capable of meeting operational users products and services in the current electronic environment.

Howard has a Bachelor’s of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Ottawa and has studied at the graduate level in coding theory and satellite communications.

Howard brings to Athena Global his in-depth understanding of oceans and marine issues, extensive program management experience and close contact with marine user communities.